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In our collective, we pair together mentors and mentees aged 11-17 to make art with one another and explore themes and questions in partnership. In these relationships, our members do things like: 1.) gather apprentice experience in the arts, 2.) gain a buddy to go see an all-ages show with, or 3.) get to soak up the wisdom of someone moving through a different part of their timeline (we believe this knowledge goes both ways!). Above all, we do our best to honor our youth's interests, artistic pursuits, and goals when matching them with their mentor for the year.

A bit about Our History

In 2010 when Ag47 was initially founded, the collective was created by the founders with women and girls in mind. In 2017, the collective made the decision to actively welcome all interested artists regardless of gender identity. We feel that we can still embrace the idea of 'sisterhood' that Ag47 was initially founded on, but that can be applied to our community in an non-gendered way. Ag47 welcomes and strives to create brave space for ALL individuals that feel comfort in what we do and want to share that space with us!


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