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Without our treasure trove of art supplies, we'd just be a mime collective. Don't trap us in that box. Every year, Ag47 goes through things like reams of paper, heaps of glue sticks, loads of pastels, and yards of yarn. We love to be beneficiaries of those cleaning out their office supplies, art rooms, or junk drawers. If you want to know what supplies we are looking for, email us at


Twice a year, Ag47 Collective moves from our secret basement lair, where magic happens and art is made, out to the community at large. In the wintertime, we host a season kick-off fundraiser and in the spring we showcase the art we have made all season to our friends, families, and neighbors. Want to make sure you don't miss it? Follow us on social media (facebook, twitter, or instagram) where we post updates on events we're hosting, events we're collaborating on, and other fun things we're engaging in throughout Chicago.


Why, yes, of course: we would gladly take your money! Every donation to Ag47 Collective is tax-deductible and the majority of our budget (over 75%!) goes directly towards quality arts programming,  scholarship funds, & gallery shows for our youth artists. Your donation goes to a tangible place and we'd love to tell you how your money was utilized during our program year in a personalized report. Please visit us here to schedule monthly donations or make a one time donation!