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youth have something to say.



who we are

Adult and youth artists (aged 11-17) who come together in a mentorship relationship and have an interest in creative expression.


what we do

We celebrate being weird.

We create unique celebrations and compliment each other on our strengths and our bravery. We invite local artists to come teach us their craft or profession. We explore and encounter art across genres--from illustration to stop animation to performance theatre (and beyond). We make exceptional art and showcase it to our community at the end of our season.



our mission

Ag47 knows that youth creative voices should be amplified and their stories shared. The collective achieves this through artistic collaboration and one-to-one mentorship between youth artists and adult mentors. Ag47 strives to lift up the voices of those seeking brave space through creativity and community. By encouraging each other to take risks, ask questions, and present work to a public audience, AG47 provides youth with the chance to be heard and their communities with the chance to listen.